Capture The Flag Movie -Review – Out Now in the UK

Capture The Flag Movie -Review – Out Now in the UK

This wonderfully animated family movie is a fictional re-telling of the real-life famous moon landing in 1969. Mike the main character who is a typical 12yr old boy who enjoys hanging out with his friends, surfing and doing typical pre-teen stuff.

His father, Scott is an astronaut, his grandfather, Frank is a former astronaut.

The movie starts with Mike surfing with his friends, it is hinted that Mike has a little crush on his friend, Amy. We are also introduced to his eccentric friend, Marty, who is always inventing bizarre creations and has a pet lizard called ‘Igor’.

We learn quickly that there is tension between Scott (Mike’s Dad) and his grandfather, Frank who lives in a residential home.

Of course there is always a villan in these movies and the bad guy’s name is Richard Carson, who announces to the world on his TV Show that the original 1969  moon landing was fake and that he will be the first man on the moon!

NASA are not going to put up with those claims and quickly gather a team of astronauts to prepare to get back to the moon & prove that the 1969 moon landing was real and produce the USA flag implanted there.

Things get a little twisted, as Mike tries to reconcile his dad and granddad, he somehow, accidentally ends up going to the moon…No spoilers…but the world ends up watching live on TV with bated breath on whether Mike, Amy, Frank and Marty can stop the bad guy and save the world!

The animation is visually amazing – you need to see this one on the big screen!

I took my nephew Jayden to the Multimedia preview at the Vue, West End Cinema and there was a such a wonderful spread for the kids as well as fun activities, such as badge-making, tattoos and photo shoots!  Thank you very much Paramount Pictures UK, we had a wonderful morning xx


Capture The Flag is out now across the UK .


Chanel 🙂 x