Get Loved Up with the New Tangle Teezer Valentine Bag!

Get Loved Up with the New Tangle Teezer Valentine Bag!



There is NO excuse for a ‘Bad Hair Day’ this Valentines – Tangle Teezer have launched the cute Valentine Bag for all couples. These Valentine treats come in HIS & HERS, HIS & HIS and HERS & HERS packs in a lovely travel bag.


Tangle Teezer – His & Hers – Valentine Bag – £20


Tangle Teezer – His & His – Valentine Bag – £20


Tangle Teezer – Hers & Hers – Valentine Bag – £20

I hadn’t tried a Tangle Teezer brush before and to be honest I  was a bit skeptical regarding the claims that i’d heard and read about this amazing new Tangle Teezer brush that can untangle hair in a few brush strokes – this is not for me, I thought, they must be discussing people with ‘fine, easy to manage hair’ not those with ‘thick, curly,  Afro-Caribbean hair’ that needs the highest setting on a straightener in order to notice a difference!

But credit, where credit is due, Tangle Teezer have designed a new detangling hairbrush that is specifically for ‘Thick, Curly and Afro Hair’. I thought, great, they’ve not left us out, there is a brush for everyone – the next step was to obviously try it….


Tangle Teezer – for Thick, Wavy & Afro Hair – £10.60

The Verdict: Well, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised! The first thing I noticed was the size of the hairbrush, it has a lovely oval shape that fits nicely into your palm. The teeth on the brush are longer and stronger than the other types of Tangle Teezer and so glides through tangled, thick afro hair like a soft brush – seriously, I was waiting for the ‘Ouch’ moment and for tears to form in my eyes as I was about to battle through my thick hair, but the Tangle Teezer glided through almost effortlessly on the first brush stroke and there was NO PULLING & NO PAIN!

I have to admit, I now keep it in my handbag  just in case I need a touch up on the go, as the size is so ‘handbag-friendly’ and the wind is playing havoc with my hair at the moment.


Tangle Teezer – Detangling Wet & Dry Hairbrush

These handy hairbrshes & beautiful Valentine’s Packs can be purchased from the Tangle Teezer Website

The Tangle Teezer for Thick, Curly & Afro hairbrush can be purchased from Topshop, Boots and

Have you tried these amazing little brushes? If so, what did you think?

Chanel 🙂