Revamp Your Nails With These Thumbs Up Designer Wraps

Revamp Your Nails With These Thumbs Up Designer Wraps

ThumbsUp_Tribe (2)

Thumbs Up – TRIBE Design

ThumbsUp_Aloha (2)

Thumbs Up – ALOHA Design

Now that the sun has shown it’s face again, and the bank holiday weekend is on the way, why not ‘bling’ up your nails to celebrate the rest of summer?


Thumbs Up Designer Nail Wraps was launched earlier this month.

  • Designs include;

**Tribe Design – Perfect for festivals with an Aztec print.

**Aloha Design – Matches Coral & Tropical print outfits perfectly.

**HoneyBee Design – is a golden metallic design that adds some fun but with a more sophisticated look

** Garden Rose – has all the charm of an English Garden with it’s pretty pastel colours.

Each set comes with 20 Nail Wraps with 10 sizes. They are available to buy from  

ThumbsUp_Honeybee (2)

Thumbs Up – HONEYBEE Design

ThumbsUp_Garden Rose (2)

Thumbs Up – GARDEN ROSE Design

Price: £6.99 per set.

They are a lovely alternative to a manicure, so whether you are short of money or time, these are definitely a quick fix, depending on your lifestyle they can last up to 10 days too.


Each wrap has a stretchy texture so that you can place each one crease-free, then simply file off any excess wrap.

For added sheen, top off with some gel coat.

My favourite is the Honeybee Metallic Design, what’s yours?


Ready for some pretty nails?  Check out all the other designs available at  

Instagram: @thumbsupnails  to keep up to date with new designs.


Chanel 🙂


Chanel Williams – Editor