THE GIRLS by Lisa Jewell – Book Review

THE GIRLS by Lisa Jewell – Book Review


The Girls by Lisa Jewell is not the type of book I would usually pick up, I tend to go for  books with a girly, pretty, chicklit style cover, but on reading the synopsis I was intrigued and wanted to know more…So I read it.

Here is my review.

As I said before, it’s not my usual type of book, so to be honest it took about 3 chapters in for me to really get hooked, but once in…I couldn’t put it down!

It’s a thrilling read, it’s so well written you’ll feel like you know the characters really well, as if they your real neighbours, probably even better than that!

As you open the book you will find a drawn map of ‘The Garden’ which really comes in handy during the read, especially when you are piecing together each character’s whereabouts later on.

Firstly, we are introduced to Pip and what she discovers in the garden, then Chapter One starts with a letter from Pip to her Dad and then we are introduced to Adele and her family.

The story is a told from the view points of 11yr old Pip, her Mother, Clare and their neighbour, Adele.

My favourite parts were probably reading from Pip’s viewpoint, as she views everything with innocent child eyes, although this is an adult book.

Clare, Pip and Grace have newly moved onto the garden and as the girls navigate the complicated social scene, Clare, their mother has her own issues to deal with and decisions to make. I found Pip to be a really sensible little girl, with great love for her sister Grace, who is a tween, on the cusp of turning into a stroppy teenager full of hormones and mood swings. I also really love the inter-generational friendship between neighbour, Rhea & Pip.

I like Clare, she is doing her best to be a good mother and protect her girls, but has trouble coming to terms to with her own feelings to make any objective decisions for the family, like most of us, I suppose.

Adele is a lovely mum  with an original way of doing things, not one to conform, I like that about her, her husband Leo is an intriguing character, my opinion of him changed so many times throughout the book that I really couldn’t make my mind up about him – there are so many questions regarding Leo and his intentions…but all is revealed.

The story takes us through the background of a quite a few of the characters and the history regarding an incident that happened many years ago, this is all inter-weaved into the current storyline.

This book really makes you think about how well you know your child(ren), particularly as a Mother myself, I am left pondering this…

The book is written so well, I really feel for the characters, the story builds nicely with lots of detail and it quickly becomes exciting! At the end it really feels like it needs a sequel…please Lisa…pretty please xx

An addictive read – well worth picking up! I must read more books from Lisa Jewell very soon.

Chanel 🙂

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Lisa Jewell   © copyright Jascha

Reviewed by Chanel Williams

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