We Finally Got To The Lush Oxford Street Flagship Store!

We Finally Got To The Lush Oxford Street Flagship Store!

Lush has opened a store on Oxford Street, London – Can’t wait to get inside!


Lush Oxford Street Store. London W1


We were not sure exactly where on Oxford Street the store was situated, I had googled the address, but although I practically ‘live’ in the West End, I couldn’t tell you which number any store is, I just know where they are. After a short walk from Oxford Street tube station (after crossing over to the wrong side of the road!)

The excitement mounted as Tamara & I spotted the store from across the street,  we practically stood in front of a bus stop full of people to get the photo above, hanging off the kerb as the pavement was so full!




As soon as you arrive outside the store, an aroma of beautiful Lush smells hit you, resisting the urge to say ‘Ahhh…’ too loudly, Tamara & I walked in.


The staff immediately welcome customers to the store, they had such smiley, happy faces, I felt like I had just walked into the Disney Store.

There may have not had any Mickey or Minnie Mouse products but the vast selection of bath bombs, soaps, bubble baths, shower gels, shampoos etc… was like a beauty buff’s dream come true – they even had MAKE-UP ! – Who knew?

The store was absolutely heaving with shoppers, it was totally packed! The staff were dressed in uniform with aprons giving various demonstrations for each product. The first thing that surprised me was that there were sinks placed around the store. The staff were encouraging shoppers to have fun with the products in water and the store smelt divine!


After about an hour of exploration and chatting to staff, I think my favourite Lush product has to be ‘The Comforter’. I will update you further on our Lush adventures very soon!

Chanel 🙂