When Marnie Was Here Movie – Out 10th June 2016

When Marnie Was Here Movie – Out 10th June 2016

This movie is an Anime style movie, made by the legendary Japanese Studio Ghibli Team (Creators of Spirited Away), not my usual type of movie, but the trailer looked very interesting… Take a look for yourself.

The story is about Anna, an orphan who lost her parents very young. She has been adopted into a loving family, who send her away to stay with their relatives in the countryside to help with her worsening Asthma.

We follow Anna as she travels to her new temporary home, getting to know her new guardians, locals and her new surroundings.

Anna is quite socially awkward, a bit shy and I did feel sorry for her as she tried to fit in with the other teens, she seems much happier and content by herself. Drawing is her favourite hobby.


Anna trying to fit in at the Lantern Festival.

Anna is mesmerised and strangely drawn to a beautiful house by the lake, but is quickly warned to stay away from this seemingly abandoned house…but is it really abandoned?

The story quickly starts to become mysterious and for a while you will be questioning what is going on…but don’t worry, all is answered… just be patient.

Expect to go through a  mix of emotions as you watch the relationship grow between Anna and her new friend Marnie develop.


Anna and Marnie having fun, picking mushrooms.

Be prepared for surprises, twists and turns as the plot twists in unexpected ways, but this answers any questions you may have and then the whole film starts to make sense.

It’s lovely to see Anna so happy in the moments that she is with Marnie. Is there friendship real? Is there more to Marnie than meets the eye? Why does she want to be kept a secret?


The Mysterious Marnie.

This movie is an adaptation of a British book by Joan G Robinson.

Expect to be swept up in emotion and wonder. This is a magical movie with a powerful theme that most of us can relate to at some point during adolescence.

Great movie – Book your cinema ticket now!

Reviewed by Jordan Williams

Edited by Chanel Williams.