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Better Watch Out Film Review – Out in UK Cinemas – Friday 8th December 2017

When I was invited to see this film, it was just coming up to Halloween, but as you can see from  the post title that it is scheduled to be released in UK Cinemas in time for Christmas.

It really is a comedy/horror movie, and although it is Christmas in the film, it could have easily been released on either date and it would have made sense.

On first impressions, from the synopsis and look of the film, I assumed it was an updated ‘Home Alone’ movie…boy, was I wrong?  It is SO much more than that!

Here is the trailer…


On a quiet suburban street, a babysitter must defend a twelve-year-old boy from intruders, only to discover it’s far from a normal home invasion.

We meet Luke (Levi Miller) chilling in his room with his best friend, Garrett (Ed Oxenbauld). His  parents are about to go out for the evening and are awaiting babysitter, Ashley (Olivia DeJonge), (whom we are made aware that Luke has a crush on) to arrive and Garrett leaves to go home.

Luke’s parents leave, Luke & Ashley watch some telly, sort out dinner and then they are frightened by what seems like an intruder outside the house.

It all kicks off from there… 😀

Luke (Levi Miller) & Ashley (Olivia DeJonge) in Better Watch Out.

My Thoughts

OK, I’m going to be really honest and let you know that in this review, it’s really difficult to say too much about this film as it has so many plot twists and turns that I’d be adding spoilers.

No matter how much of a film buff you think you are, this movie makes you think it’s heading in one direction then the plot quickly twists and spirals, leaving the most seasoned movie addict with a dropped jaw and raised blood pressure 😉

Garrett (Ed Oxenbauld), Ashley (Olivia DeJonge) and Luke (Levi Miller) in Better Watch Out Film

It is a fast paced film, with a bit of scene setting at the beginning and after establishing the relationship between characters, the action is pretty non-stop.

The comedy is a dark humour – you have been warned, but although I found some bits quite funny, I think I spent most of the film in shock at the many amazing shifts in the narrative, I did jump a few times too, so really I just looked like this – 😮


Luke’s Mum, Deandra ( Virginia Madsen) and Luke (Levi Miller) in Better Watch Out Film

Levi Miller is just fantastic as Luke, he has that innocent ‘Mummy’s boy’ act on point, but is he really as innocent as his angelic face seems?

Both Olivia and Ed played their respective characters, Ashley and Garrett very well too.

I found Garrett annoying at first and believed he was the a bad influence on Luke at first… well, anyway, you’ll see for yourself.

Definitely go to see this film if you want a Christmas movie with some real substance, you will laugh, you will be horrified, you BETTER WATCH OUT!  :p


Chanel 🙂

Chanel Williams

PS: If you want more Levi Miller – Check him out in PAN

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