Book Blog Tour & Giveaway: See Me by Nicholas Sparks – 23rd October 2015

Book Blog Tour & Giveaway: See Me by Nicholas Sparks – 23rd October 2015

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This is the 9th stop on the blog tour for ‘See Me’ organised by @littlebookcafe

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What is it they say? “Never judge a book by it’s cover“, don’t get me wrong, but this ‘lovey dovey‘ cover is gorgeous but it’s not my kind of book…just as well that I always read the synopsis…it seemed to have more depth than a typical ‘boy meets girl’ scenario – There, I’ve said it – THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL GIRL MEETS BOY STORY!

To be honest, I have never read a novel by Nicholas Sparks before, so I had no idea what style of narrative to expect. I saw the hollwood adaptation of his previous novel ‘The Notebook’ in the cinema a few years back, but that’s as far as it goes.

Reading the Prologue is an experience in itself, it is so full of tension, the story becomes even more gripping as you realise the context that everything is unfolding in- I ended the prologue with my mouth hanging wide open in disbelief, I head was spinning with lots of ‘OMG!’ and actually shouted out “What??” – I had to read Chapter 1.


I was not expecting to be drawn in so quickly, I assumed, since is was a larger book (482 pages – not including extras) it would take a few chapters to ‘warm up’, but no, this story got started on the first sentence –  I fell in love with this book before Chapter One.

During  reading I found myself on more than once, shouting at Maria, laughing at Lily & Serena, willing Colin on and being thankful for Evan. (If you want to know more about the story, read my preview – here). I even found myself laughing out loud on the bus at one point and also having shed a tear on the tube – it is that engrossing!

This book has a few plot twists, none of which I saw coming – a couple quite shocking too, but realistic to the story.

If this is what a Nicholas Sparks book is like, I need to start working through his back catalogue, as I feel as though I have missed out.

I may start with ‘The Choice‘ since there is a snippet of Chapter One at the back of See Me, announcing that a Hollywood movie adaptation will be released in Spring 2016 – and I always prefer to read the book before seeing the movie.

My advice – I suggest that if you decide to read this book, do the following;

  • Set all TV Series on record
  • Do a Mini- Spring Clean in advance
  • Make sure your phone is set for voicemail

then you can truly immerse yourself in the relationship of Colin & Maria and dive fully into the world of ‘See Me’

A brilliant book that I wished would never end!  A BIG ‘Thank You’ to Poppy and the team at @littlebookcafe for including me on this blog tour xx

Chanel 🙂

Review by Chanel Williams

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