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The Bachelors Film – Review – Opens in UK Cinemas on Friday 30th March 2018

Brace yourself! This film is DEEP  😮  I was so surprised, after watching the trailer, I thought this would be a typical ‘feel good’ fluffy movie about a father and son getting over the death of their wife/mother with some references to bereavement and how they fall in love with the new women in their lives...Read More

61st BFI London Film Festival Opens 4th – 15th October 2017

The BFI London Film Festival is the UK’s most prestigious film festival and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the BFI London Film Festival Launch event on 31st August.  I have to admit that this festival definitely has something to satisfy everyone’s taste. This year’s programme will feature 28 World Premieres, 9...Read More

Book Blog Tour & Giveaway: See Me by Nicholas Sparks – 23rd October 2015

This is the 9th stop on the blog tour for ‘See Me’ organised by @littlebookcafe If you wish to read the blurb – read my preview post here. WIN A SIGNED COPY!  –  See below for details. What is it they say? “Never judge a book by it’s cover“, don’t get me wrong, but this...Read More

PAN Movie – Out in the UK – 16th October 2015 – Movie Review

  Ok, so we’ve all heard the story of Peter Pan, Blackbeard, Hook, Tinkerbell and Wendy Darling, well, this movie is not just a classic remake of the original storybook, this movie starts at the beginning, at the very beginning, the part that we didn’t get to hear about before all the action kicked off….it...Read More

Mariah Carey Receives A Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star – At Last!

We are totally thrilled that one of our favourite celebs has been awarded a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star! It is long overdue in our opinion. Mariah Carey has been at the top of her game for decades now, it seems so late…better late than never I suppose. The gorgeous singer who wore an elegant...Read More

Inside Out Movie – Out in the UK- Friday 24th July – Movie Review

On Sunday 19th July, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Gala Screening of Inside Out, this Disney movie has a very complex theme but seems to get the message across in a way that is simple to understand. The main story is about a little girl named Riley, the movie starts with...Read More

Have an American Dream!

We just can’t resist these gorgeous bed linen designs from American Freshman. If you’re preparing for University this summer, how about adding an ‘American College’ feel to your room in halls? Even if you’re not off to uni, these will still brighten up your bedroom and bring a bit of US style. These fresh designs...Read More