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September 2015

Shaolin Monks Returns To The Peacock Theatre, Sadlers Wells – 29th September – 17th October 2015

About 7  years ago I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Shaolin Monks at the Peacock Theatre, Sadlers Wells. I grew up watching old Shaolin movies with my parents and didn’t truly believe that anyone could perform the stunts I witnessed in those movies in real life – I was WRONG!   The...Read More

PAN Movie – Out in the UK – 16th October 2015 – Movie Review

  Ok, so we’ve all heard the story of Peter Pan, Blackbeard, Hook, Tinkerbell and Wendy Darling, well, this movie is not just a classic remake of the original storybook, this movie starts at the beginning, at the very beginning, the part that we didn’t get to hear about before all the action kicked off….it...Read More

Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy Fragrance

Last week in  Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo launched his debut fragrance ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy’. Personally, i’m surprised he hasn’t launched a fragrance sooner, but am very happy about the timing, as I know a few people who I can would appreciate a bottle as a Christmas gift. I love the design of the bottle, it looks...Read More

Keep Your Summer Glow with the NARS Liquid Gold Face Set

          Last month, NARS Cosmetics launched a 3 piece gold face set for your cheeks, lips and eyes. What fantastic timing…with our tans and natural summer glow fading and the weather becoming cooler,  most of us will be looking to prolong our sun-kissed looks a little longer! The set comprises of:...Read More