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Plutos In Uranus book review

Book Blog Tour & Book Review: Pluto’s in Uranus by Patrick Haylock

When I was introduced to this book by Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources, I knew I had to read it, as an obsessed astrology student, just the title alone had me hooked! The synopsis sounded intriguing too, so I jumped at the chance to review it. Thanks so much to Patrick Haylock and Rachel for...Read More

Book Blog Tour & Blog Review: Love and Ohana Drama by Melissa Baldwin

Please judge this book by it’s beautiful cover – because it is a fantastic read – this is definitely the type of book that I would pick up in a book store & the synopsis screams fun and drama… which is lucky for us but not for poor Cora! Have a read of the Synopsis…...Read More

Book Blog Tour & Book Review: Networking For Writers by Lizzie Chantree

Don’t let the title of this book fool you – although it was written by Entrepreneur and Author Lizzie Chantree, it is a very handy resource for any creative business owner. And although it was refreshing to review a non-fiction book, this book is Lizzie Chantree’s first non-fiction book. This handy guide gives tips on...Read More

Book Review & Blog Tour: The Purple Shadow by Christopher Bowden

The genre of this book is not my usual, but something about the synopsis piqued my interest, with the setting spanning from the theatrical & fashion worlds of Paris in the 1930s to present day Sussex, UK I was as much interested in the era, as I was the story. Have a read of the...Read More