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Book Blog Tour & Book Review: Locks by Ashleigh Nugent

This book’s synopsis was of personal interest to me, it is a story based on true events.

I know how it feels to question where you belong. As a black woman born in London, UK I didn’t really experience any real racism until I was a teenager on family holiday in Skegness, back in the 1980’s.

Then a few years later, in late teens & early twenties, I was lucky to spend some quality time with some of my cousins from Dominica in the Caribbean, although we were similar ages, we felt culturally from different worlds, basic things such as lifestyle ambitions and musical tastes were so different, I was constantly called and referred to as the “English Girl“, that I questioned, if I didn’t belong in Dominica or here (in the UK) then where did I belong?

I know this a question faced by many 1st generation children born of immigrants, we seem to have to calve out a whole new world for ourselves and fit within the pieces

Identity and belonging is a major thread that drives the story in this book, as well as having this dilemma, Aeon is a mixed-race boy, so therefore has family who is both white and black, so I imagine, this is an even more complex issue for him.

Have a read of the synopsis…

LOCKS: A Story Based on True Events

“1993 was the year that Stephen Lawrence got murdered by racists, and I became an angry Black lad with a ‘chip on his shoulder’.”

Aeon is a mixed-race teenager from an English suburb. He is desperate to be understand the Black identity foisted on him by racist police, teachers, and ‘friends’. For want of Black role models, Aeon has immersed himself in gangsta rap, he’s trying to grow dreadlocks, and he’s bought himself some big red boots.

And now he’s in Jamaica. 

Within days of being in Jamaica, Aeon has been mugged and stabbed, arrested and banged up. 

Aeon has to fight for survival, fight for respect, and fight for his big red boots. And he has to fight for his identity because, here, Aeon is the White boy. 

My Thoughts

Beautifully written with some amazing flows of prose that roll off the tongue quite poetically.

A gripping read with so much depth, it opens our eyes to the world from the perspective of someone who is just trying to find somewhere to belong – a very basic human need in which we can all relate, regardless of race, gender or religion.

This book deals with very real including from race, injustice, stereotypes & identity.

Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions, from heartbreak to hysterics.

This is an amazing debut book from Ashleigh Nugent this story will stay with me for a very long time – Read it now!

Thanks so much to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for arranging a UK Paperback copy for review and to Ashleigh Nugent for his approval and the lovely bookmark that accompanied the book. 🤗

Ashleigh Nugent – Author of Locks Book

Ashleigh Nugent has been published in academic journals, poetry anthologies, and magazines. His latest work, LOCKS, is based on a true story: the time he spent his 17th birthday in a Jamaican detention centre. LOCKS won the 2013 Commonword Memoir Competition and has had excerpts published by Writing on the Wall and in bido lito magazine. Ashleigh’s one-man-show, based on LOCKS, has won support from SLATE / Eclipse Theatre, and won a bursary from Live Theatre, Newcastle. The show has received rave audience reviews following showings in theatres and prisons throughout the UK. Ashleigh is also a director at RiseUp CiC, where he uses his own life experience, writing, and performance to support prisoners and inspire change.

Locks has a trailer on YOUTUBE

Locks Book Trailer

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Thanks so much for reading & enjoy the book!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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