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Book Blog Tour & Book Review: The Visitor by Louvie G Tucker

Isn’t it lovely to get to read a new book that is the first of series? I usually find out about books when there’s already been 1 or 2 previous books in the series or saga published and then have to delay reading it as I HAVE to read books in the correct order – Are you like that?

This book’s synopsis is really intriguing, it’s set in a futuristic world with technologies that we can only dream about in today’s world – Have a read…

The Visitor, Book 1 of the Corrupted Genes series

Nusans don’t cause trouble. Peter is a good Nusan. Single, annoyed with his best friend’s constant blind dates, and comfortably provided for with his job as a genmod technician, he spends his days telling expectant parents what their unborn children will look like. For a fee, he can modify physical and mental traits.

To ensure Nusa’s perfect society, however, it is law that all babies must be born with white skin, an IQ 120 or above, and without any illnesses or disabilities. These modifications are free of charge. It’s the law. And good Nusans obey the law. The people of Susa, however, are known to be troublemakers.

Thank goodness the dark-skinned Susans all live south of the border, in Susa. The closest Peter ever has to come to a dangerous Susan is either on the silver screen being vanquished by a heroic Nusan hero or on the news as deporters — the force charged to keep Nusa safe — prepare to send them south to Susa.

That is, until a dark-skinned visitor is suddenly inside the four walls of Peter’s quiet existence. Snarky. Irreverent and without any regard for the rules, the stranger should be a Susan but is he? Why is he claiming to have fallen from the stars?

Everything Peter knows is suddenly in question and even his status as a good Nusan is under threat as deporters seek him out on suspicion of a capital crime. Has Peter caused trouble?

Life as Peter has known it is fragile. Can he survive long enough to learn the truth? And will he even want to believe it once he finds it? 

My Thoughts

Wow! What a world. This is not my usual type of book, but I am so happy to have come out of my comfort zone. The world that Louvie has created is a dystopian, science fiction one that sadly mirrors some of the bad parts of our society in many ways.

The law is that babies must be born light-skinned, with an IQ of 120 and no illness or genetic deformities and it is Peter’s day job to fix any issues.

How disturbing is this? It reminded me of Hitler and his Nazi ideology of ‘Cleansing‘ and creating a perfect world of the perfect people back before World War 2 put an end to it.

Also, the skin colour issue is reminiscent to the issues facing BAME communities across the world, and although we do not need to hide away from the governments, we still have issues being protested my many movements today including BLM, who are trying to create a fair world for all skin tones.

The IQ issue reminds me of certain attitudes in the UK and other similar countries in which any refugees are made to feel stupid or less human if they don’t speak the national language, I’ve witnessed first hand certain people shout loudly at them, like they are stupid when they don’t understand what’s being said, in English – so frustrating!

So as you can see there’s much to mirror our own society in this book.

The book really gets going when Peter meets a dark-skinned Susa and then has to figure out if what he was led to believe is true?

What a gem of a story – I didn’t want to end – I cannot wait for the next book in the series!

Well done Louvie. G Tucker and thank you for the free ebook for review via the amazing Rachel, at Rachels Random Resources

Louvie G. Tucker – Author of The Visitor

Louvie G. Tucker lives and works in the Pacific Northwest with his wife. Born in Buffalo, New York, he’s called various U.S. states, Japan, and China home at points in his life. When he’s not working in cyber security, he enjoys rock climbing, staying up to date on current events, keeping up with his Japanese language skills, and riding his bicycle. He is currently working on the second book in the Corrupted Genes series.

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Thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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