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book blog tour

Book Blog Tour& Book Review: The Story of Our Secrets by Shari Low

The synopsis of this book had me so intrigued! It made me think about how someone’s death affects the people close to them, although an extremely sad event, but also the opportunities and the decisions they make in the aftermath of grief, which is probably mixed with guilt and feelings of betrayal, I found this...Read More
Plutos In Uranus book review

Book Blog Tour & Book Review: Pluto’s in Uranus by Patrick Haylock

When I was introduced to this book by Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources, I knew I had to read it, as an obsessed astrology student, just the title alone had me hooked! The synopsis sounded intriguing too, so I jumped at the chance to review it. Thanks so much to Patrick Haylock and Rachel for...Read More

Book Blog Tour & Book Review: Girl With Secrets by Carol Rivers

For those who know me, I love a good London based story, especially when it’s based around real historical events. Also I love a strong female lead and Daisy in this book doesn’t disappoint. The Synopsis A coming of age war story and family saga full of romance, mystery and danger in London’s East End....Read More

Book Blog Tour & Book Review: The Hat Girl From Silver Street by Lindsey Hutchinson

Lindsey Hutchinson is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and I am very pleased to be doing another review of one of her books. The last book I reviewed by Lindsey Hutchinson was Minnie’s Orphans and I fell in love with era as well as Lindsey’s storytelling style. The Synopsis Life is tough for...Read More

Book Blog Tour & Blog Review: Love and Ohana Drama by Melissa Baldwin

Please judge this book by it’s beautiful cover – because it is a fantastic read – this is definitely the type of book that I would pick up in a book store & the synopsis screams fun and drama… which is lucky for us but not for poor Cora! Have a read of the Synopsis…...Read More

Book Blog Tour & Book Review: Networking For Writers by Lizzie Chantree

Don’t let the title of this book fool you – although it was written by Entrepreneur and Author Lizzie Chantree, it is a very handy resource for any creative business owner. And although it was refreshing to review a non-fiction book, this book is Lizzie Chantree’s first non-fiction book. This handy guide gives tips on...Read More