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Plutos In Uranus book review

Book Blog Tour & Book Review: Pluto’s in Uranus by Patrick Haylock

Pluto’s in Uranus Book by Patrick Haylock Book Cover

When I was introduced to this book by Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources, I knew I had to read it, as an obsessed astrology student, just the title alone had me hooked! The synopsis sounded intriguing too, so I jumped at the chance to review it.

Thanks so much to Patrick Haylock and Rachel for gifting me with a paperback copy of the book to read – you can’t beat a good paperback!

The Synopsis

This Christmas Jupiter and Saturn will become closer to each other than they have been for almost 800 years. It is an event that has set the world astrological community abuzz with the possible consequences of such an alignment and its potential impact on global leaders and world events.

 But what happens when an even rarer conjunction between Pluto and Uranus occurs and what affect does it hold in store for the lives of everyday ‘ordinary folk’?

 Well, it’s something that Dave from the post room is about to find out. Pluto is in Uranus and for him this indicates that everything is about to come up smelling of roses or so he thinks!

 Dave suffers from OCF, Obsessive Compulsive Fatalism, and his Achilles heel is his daily horoscope, which is about to become dramatically affected by the historic planetary alignment.

 The lucky omens predicted will compel him to take uncharacteristic chances, cross paths with a hotchpotch of larger than life characters who get him embroiled in situations with hilarious outcomes that are way beyond his control and  out of his comfort zone

Pluto’s In Uranus is written by globally unrecognised no award-winning Essex author Patrick Haylock.

Discounting his definitive guide to publishing invisible books Pluto’s in Uranus is Patrick’s debut novel, and it is now available in Bookstores on Amazon and other online outlets.

Pluto’s In Uranus by patrick haylock

There’s even a fancy trailer!…

Pluto’s in Uranus by Patrick Haylock Book Trailer

Patrick Haylock – Author of Pluto’s In Uranus Book

Patrick Haylock is a globally unrecognised writer who if you discount a school sweet pea growing competition, has won no awards whatsoever!
He was born in Enfield at a very dark time in the world. It was 1:45 am, to be precise, and it wasn’t too long before it dawned on him.

To make something of himself he was going to need two things the ability to tell the difference between a green onion and a scallion, and a good education.

Wormley Primary and Baas Hill Comprehensive schools did their best to fulfil both requirements, and after giving them 12 years of his life, they gave him seven printed sheets of paper, and the knowledge that there was no difference between a green onion and a scallion.

He also learned that the difference between onions and bagpipes was that no one ever cries when you chop up bagpipes.

The certificated wisdom secured a national newspaper messenger’s job, which led to an editorial trainee position, followed by a production editor’s post, and progression
into freelance journalism.

‘Knowing his onions’ helped him to successfully establish his own publishing company, design studio, online retro webstore and high street art gallery.

Patrick lives with his wife in a converted Old Essex Brewery, where he claims the 6% ABV air quality inspires him to craft his nutty tales.

Although a ‘new voice’, in the literary world, those ‘in the know’ will willingly testify that his gift for imaginative storytelling is engaging, and, amusingly unique!

My Thoughts

Just the synopsis alone had me laughing and I knew immediately that Patrick share my sense of humour!

This book is fun, fast paced and hilarious – probably one of my favourite books this year, so far – it’s so different – in a good way, that it will stay on your mind, I won’t forget it in a hurry, that’s for sure.

I fell in love with Dave straight away and felt quite protective of him throughout the book, the situations he gets himself into, really are quite funny but also quite serious at times and he is so reliant on his horoscope reading for life advice and big decisions, and although I am an avid follower of my own horoscope, I use them – like most people who believe in them more seriously than just being entertainment – as a guide of the energies at play to assist – poor Dave! 🤣🙈

The other characters in this book are just as real and relatable as Dave , including his parents, who are both super fun!

some of the scenarios Dave gets himself into are laugh out loud – you have been warned – look out for the motorbike and Piranha fish incidents and also his friendship with Greg are all stand-out hilarious moments.

A fantastic book that is a light-hearted read and can easily be devoured very quickly – too quickly to be honest, I didn’t want it to end… could be the start of a series, maybe? I really hope so.

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Also a quick “Thank you” to Patrick Haylock for sending a lovely Jamboree – Kushti Bok goodie bag with the paperback copy, this brought some of the scenes in the book to life – what a lovely touch – it is much appreciated! (There was also a pen, but I forgot to add it in the shot, sorry!)

Pluto’s in Uranus Jamboree Kushti Bok Goodie Bag Contents

Thanks for reading – Enjoy the book!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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