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The Bachelors Film – Review – Opens in UK Cinemas on Friday 30th March 2018

Brace yourself! This film is DEEP  😮  I was so surprised, after watching the trailer, I thought this would be a typical ‘feel good’ fluffy movie about a father and son getting over the death of their wife/mother with some references to bereavement and how they fall in love with the new women in their lives – I have to admit, this film goes hard…

Take a look at the trailer….

The Synopsis

As you can see in the trailer Wes ( Josh Wiggins) and his Dad, Bill ( JK Simmons) relocate across the US after the loss of his mother. Bill is a teacher and his old college friend has hooked him up with a teaching position at his school.

It’s a chance to start fresh, and come to terms with their recent loss.

They both attempt to settle into their new routines and lifestyle, but the weight of grief is not that easy to shake off.

My Thoughts

Firstly, I think this film was perfectly cast, each actor really brings something to their role. JK Simmons is incredible as Bill and Julie Delpy who plays Carine, Bill’s colleague , has just the right balance of warmth and attractiveness to make her character believable.

I loved Carine, (Julie Delpy) she is such a caring teacher, who genuinely cares for her students’ welfare as well as their academic progression.

Watching Odeya Rush who plays the moody, Lacey is like watching a young Mila Kunis – the resemblance is uncanny! She’s stunning and a great actress, just like her look-a-like 😀

The film explores the father -son relationship, and I felt sorry for Wes when he had to ‘step up’ and really confront his Dad on the effect of his grief.

It makes you wonder, that when you lose a loved one, everyone tells you it will be OK, it will feel better and that you need to move on – but what if your not ready? What if you want to hold on to every memory, all day? How long is too long? How long do those around you need to be patient with you whilst you wallow in your grief?  The film raises some good questions about bereavement, depression, relationships and moving on.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, there are some really funny scenes and some great dialogue between with Wes and his cross country school buddies and also between Wes and Lacey.

May I suggest tissues for both sad and happy tears for this film, I actually blubbered like a baby – I’m not lying – I was very lucky to be wearing waterproof mascara – Thanks Revlon 😉

The pacing on this film is very good, it’s not too long but still has a chance to get into the deeper side of the issues it covers and manages to stay entertaining throughout – Apparently it was shot in 24 days!

This ‘Drama Romance‘ is definitely what it claims to be, not a fluffy romance but a romance with dramatic depth, well worth a trip to the cinema this Easter weekend!

The Bachelors  opens in UK Cinemas on Friday 30th March 2018.

Certificate: 15

Director: Kurt Voelker

Writer:  Kurt Voelker

Cast: JK Simmons, Julie Delpy, Josh Wiggins and Odeya Rush


Enjoy! (Don’t forget the waterproof mascara, ladies 😉 )

Chanel x

Chanel Williams


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