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When I first saw the trailer for this french comedy film based on a true story, I really thought I would hate the protagonist named ‘Marguerite’, I thought it somewhat vulgar and tasteless to pursue a dream for which you obviously have no talent and no training, hoping that your money will make up for it, was just absurd, who does she think she is?

For those who don’t know, I am a dancer/choreographer and do not come from a wealthy background, most talented performing artists have made their own fortune, just the thought that money and power will excel your career in a field in which you have no talent just doesn’t comprehend.

Have a peek at the trailer here…

I admit it, as I watched this film, I fell in love with Marguerite <3

The film starts with Marguerite getting ready for a charity concert that she id holding in her beautiful home. We are introduced to a young talented emerging opera singer who is part of the opening act for the concert.

Her devoted butler, is like her PA, he oversees all details of the concert and house and makes sure that Madame Dumont is happy at all times.

We meet a young reporter who is snooping around the house, in hope of a good story, he watches as Marguerite and her staff finalise the finishing touches to her outfits and hair.

The relationship between Marguerite and her husband is established in the beginning scenes as we realise that he is reluctant to attend this concert.

See the clip here…

The problem is, Marguerite cannot sing – at all! She’s terrible, but everyone is afraid to tell her, bad press is hidden, her husband is embarrassed and the polite society of aristiocrats are not about to tell her, therefore Marguerite lives a blissfully, ignorant life, devoting her time and money to studying the great operas of the time, reciting them and posing in photos of her favourite characters.

It is such a passion for her , that it is a joy to watch…that is until she opens her mouth…

My favourite part of the film is when she is auditioning for her new potential singing teacher – the look on his face, there was no one in the cinema who didn’t laugh out loud, it was hilarious 🙂

Things start to get very interesting for Marguerite when she teams up with the young reporter and his friend, who introduce her to the showbiz world of 1920’s France.


Mingling with this crowd ignites Marguerite’s passion further and now she wishes to organise a big performance in a professional theatre – her new friends are willing to assist, but her husband and close acquaintances have other ideas.

Will the show go on? Who will tell Marguerite that this is a bad idea? How will Marguerite react if they do?

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This is a funny, but heart-warming film with a loveable main character with interesting and complex individuals surrounding her.

The costumes & scenery are amazing, classic 1920’s chic blended with French style.

If you are in the mood for a good movie with a storyline that will test your morals as well as your eardrums, full of humour and some tender moments, then this is a film is a must!

Although she cannot sing well, be prepared to fall in love with Marguerite as you go on this rollercoaster journey with her.

In UK Cinemas now – Opened 18th March 2016


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Chanel 🙂