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London Fashion Week is Happening! Thursday 17th – Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Guess what? – London Fashion week is actually going ahead, albeit digital and with a socially distanced physical schedule – BUT there is a fashion-fuelled September 2020 ahead – Yay!

This is great news, considering 99% of all major events have been cancelled this year, it is like a slice of sunshine on a dull day, hearing this news.

For those of us who were so worried about how we were going to get our annual “September fashion Fix” the wait is finally over, with an announcement last month from the British Fashion Council last month.

Although a digital schedule isn’t the same atmosphere as a physical show, it will mean that our beloved fashion designers will be able to showcase their designs as planned and of course, this will hopefully be a great financial boost for the fashion industry as well as an inspirational event for all who participate and consume it.

Physical shows will probably look very different – all the shows are very popular and are always so packed – Count yourself lucky to get “standing spot” at the back of the room, just take a look at some of the FROW at the Apu Jan Catwalk Show back in February 2020 (when the world still felt normal in the UK) at the De Vere Connnaught Rooms in Covent Garden.

APU JAN AW20 Show – February 2020

Hopefully all those up’n’coming designers will have a platform to showcase their talent too.

I’ve been lucky enough the past few years to get invited to the amazing Fashion Scout and Fashions Finest shows which always introduce me to some amazing new fashion designers – I’m not too sure what the plan for this September will be, but even if they go digital it will be good.

Me at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week – September 2019

The other amazing thing is that if the schedule is digital, it should hopefully be accessible to a wider audience, assuming that access is granted, this means all those who enjoy and have an interest in fashion will be able to participate in some way.

Back to physical events, I can imagine that a fashion presentation would be easier to sicla distance than a show, with floor markings for guests with varying appointment times ?

Lu Vixen AW20 Presentation during London Fashion Week – February 2020
Lu Vixen AW20 Presentation during London Fashion Week – February 2020

One thing i’m sure of, is that it will be an interesting fashion week 😉

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Thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

Me, after the Mark fast Catwalk Show – LFW – February 2020
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