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Review: Parasite – Opens in UK Cinemas – Friday 7th February 2020

This is a major film! An absolute MUST SEE!

All I can say is that the hype is real & you need to go and watch it now 😀

But if you insist on more details, read on….

Bong Joon-ho (‘Snowpiercer’ ‘Okja’) returns with this black comedy about wealth, greed and class discrimination. I’d never heard of this director before, but now I will definitely check out his previous films as i’m now an absolute fan girl!

I was so lucky to be invited to see this film back in November 2019, I accepted the invitation, not really knowing what to expect but as I’d previously loved Korean films before – Train to Busan and Old Boy being my ultimate favourite films at the time also I had seen a few films at the Korean Film Festival back in 2018.


Kim Ki-teak‘s (Song Kang-ho) family are all unemployed and living in a squalid basement. When his son gets a tutoring job at the lavish home of the Park family, the Kim family’s luck changes. One by one they gradually infiltrate the wealthy Park’s home, attempting to take over their affluent lifestyle.

From the imagination of Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite finds a family of grifters worming their way into an upper-class family’s perfect world.

The family integrate themselves into the rich family’s lives, one by one, it’s done in such a clever and manipulative way, but they are happy, earning money and not doing any real harm, are they?

The thing is, there is much more secrets in this family home – you will never guess what it is…

Take a look at the trailer …

Parasite Film Trailer

It’s a fascinating watch and has already won numerous awards in the UK and abroad – Palme d’Or winner, Golden Globes and BAFTAS, even before it’s UK release.

It has also been nominated at the Oscars 2020.

Parasite Film

My Thoughts

The characters are likeable enough, I particularly liked the sibling relationship between Kim Ki-woo  (Woo-sik Choi ) and his sister Kim Ki-jung  (So-dam Park ).

Themes in this film include, social class, family dynamics, loyalty, greed and ambition.

This is my favourite film of the year and I mean 2019, as that’s when I saw it – it really is toss up between Waves and Parasite, I enjoyed them immensely – I know it’s still early 2020, but I’m yet to see anything that beats these 2 films yet.

If you like a manipulative dramas with likeable characters that you are doing a “bad” thing for the “right” reasons, then Parasite is for you.

If you love a great plot that just gets even better with unexpected twists, then Parasite is for you.

I can’t praise this film enough, so get your ticket to see it as soon as you can.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

Parasite Film

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