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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Jewellery Ideas

El Camino Travel Bracelets

El Camino Travel Bracelets

Perfect gift idea for those Mum’s who are currently missing travel and/or who are dreaming of travelling more once it’s safe enough to do so.

An El Camino bracelet is customised by the buyer, who can choose to add various cities, countries, oceans etc to there bracelet, like an accomplishment of places you’ve already visited or a wishlist bracelet of all the exciting places you wish to go to in the future.

El Camino Travel Bracelet

I think it’s such a wonderful concept and will be creating a few bracelets of my own.

This year El Camino are adding a Mothers Day 2021 step as an option, which can be added to a new or existing bracelet.

Browse the El Camino Website for wonderful ideas & to purchase

Follow El Camino on Facebook & Instagram for ideas.

Jenny Personalised Signet Ring – Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery

Jenny Personalised Signet Ring – Jessica Flinn Jewellery

Why not treat Mum to some glamourous bling with a personal touch this year?

Jenny Personalised Signet Ring – Jessica Flinn Jewellery

The Jenny Signet ring is available in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum in various qualities.

Engraving can be done, inside the ring as well as outside and there is an option to add more diamonds – it’s such a lovely concept – I love the idea of being able to customise a personal piece of jewellery.

Made to order the price is from – £330.

Click to see you options from Jenny Flinn Jewellery

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