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Dolly Treasures – Up To No Good – Book Launch

Never heard of Dolly Treasures?…Well, I came across Dolly Treasures on instagram by accident – a very happy accident 🙂

You know when you get that page that says, “Photos you may like”  well, I saw some cute dolls in a ballet class – I clicked, I liked, I was hooked, I followed!

If like me, dolls bring back a feeling of happy nostalgia, then read on….even if it doesn’t, still read on, you may just fall in love with these cute mischievous dolls.


Earlier this month, Dolly Treasures launched their second book and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the launch at the plush One Aldwych Hotel in Central London.

Here’s a short video to give you a taste of what the event was like. Apologies in advance for the bright sunlight, but the team at Dolly Treasures chose a glorious day of sunshine to host this event!


Dolly Treasures is created by the lovely Eileen Lam who started collecting these cute ‘Blythe’ dolls and photographing them in various locations as a hobby, when her 2 children grew up and she found herself with more time to spare.

In 2013, her daughter, Bernadette suggested that Eileen should upload her photographs to instagram, as they were really good.

Eileen admitted to me that she was not an instagram user beforehand, but decided she may as well upload them as it would be easy to keep her growing collection of photographs together – what happened next astounded her, she started to gain lots and lots of followers – today Eileen has over 60,000 followers on the Dolly Treasures account!


Eileen and I at the Dolly Treasures Launch at One Aldwych Hotel and  some of the pretty dolls 🙂

Eileen takes photos of the dolls in lots of different scenarios, bringing back the fun and innocence of these gorgeous playthings. Each doll has her own personality too, up to all sorts, they are not as innocent as they look!

The first book published by Dolly Treasures was ‘The Little Mischiefs’ following the dolls through various antics.


Now the anticipated new book with new adventures has been released, ‘ The Little Mischiefs – Up To No Good’ is available to purchase from the Dolly Treasures website.


If like me, you’ve fallen in love with these cheeky little dolls then get to the Dolly Treasures Instagram Page and give them a follow.

You can purchase the books on the Dolly Treasures Website – £12.99 each.

Have a peep at the One Aldwych HotelClick here

If you’d like to start collecting these pretty dolls, search ‘Custom Blythe Dolls’ and stockists in your area will pop up.


Chanel 🙂

Chanel Williams


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