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Mom and Dad Film – Review Opens in UK Cinemas on Friday 9th March 2018

When I was kindly invited to a special screening of this film, the first name that popped out on the invitation email was NICOLAS CAGE and then of course the very sophisticated SELMA BLAIR, I read the rest of the email invite with a smile and an anticipation that can only be felt about something of which you have very high hopes…

Well, I mean, these 2 seasoned Hollywood actors would, in my opinion make perfect parents, but when I read that the parents would catch a virus and start attacking their own kids, I really was intrigued, I, personally couldn’t imagine Selma Blair being evil!

Anyhow, with a fantastic plot and amazing actors – what could go wrong?

Have a look at  the trailer to see the cast in action….

The Synopsis

At first we are introduced to the family, and see that both parents are going through a bit of a mid-life crisis as well as dealing with the struggles of being a parent to a teenage daughter, Carly (Anne Winters) and younger son, Josh (Zackary Arthur).

Mum, Kendall (Selma Blair) is annoyed that Carly is more secretive and distant than she used to be and no longer feels they are close anymore and Brent (Nicolas Cage) is stressing about Carly, dating boys, and pining over his younger years, trying to figure out how he may relive them.

Just a typical family, with typical family issues, until a virus breaks out, that seems to only be affecting parents, which causes them to attack and even kill their own child(ren).

The extent of the crisis is only apparent when Carly is at school and she desperately needs to get to her little brother, Josh, to protect them both, with the assistance of her boyfriend, Damon (Richard Cunningham).

My Thoughts

I loved the way the family and their relationships were introduced to us in the opening scene.

Personally, as a mother to a grown up son, I could relate to the feeling that Kendall (Selma Blair) was going through of not being ‘needed’ as much anymore, now that her Carly had become an independent teenager rather than a child, I’m sure many mothers to older children will relate with how she desperately wanted to reconnect her daughter.

Selma Blair played Kendall with absolute conviction, going from the doting mum to an absolutely terrifying murderer, even as she tried to kill her kids, she makes you always question, if she will do it, as there seems to be just a spark of ‘normal mum’ in there.

Nicolas Cage is fantastic as usual, the tension he brings to the ‘play-fighting’ scenes with son, Josh are utterly mesmerising and will make your heart skip a beat and although I had no sympathy for his character at first, it is clear later on that he is going through his own ‘issues’, and makes him seem ‘whole’ if you know what I mean…?

The tension in the film is intercepted with dark humour, the plot flows nicely, not too fast or slow  with each scene adding relevance to the story.

There are also some amazing scenes with the amazingly brave, Damon, that will have your jaw-dropping or at least sympathising with what he endures during this crazy ordeal!

Mom and Dad opens in UK Cinemas on Friday 9th March 2018.

Certificate: 15

Director: Brian Taylor

Writer:  Brian Taylor

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, Anne Winters, Zackary Arthur, Robert Cunningham


Grab your ticket to see this film, you won’t be disappointed!


Chanel x

Chanel Williams


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