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When Polly Met Olly by Zoe May – Out 7th January 2019

Happy New Year! I’m starting the new year with a new book, ‘When Polly met Olly’ by Zoe May is my book choice.

I’ve never read a Zoe May book before, but I was intrigued by synopsis, which i’ve added below.

Also, one of my New Year resolutions is to read books from as many new authors as I can, as I tend to stick to my same tried and tested authors – looking to be a little more adventurous this year 😉



Polly and Olly were never supposed to meet…

Polly might spend her days searching for eligible matches for her elite list of clients at her New York dating agency, but her own love life is starting to go up in smoke.

Even worse, she can’t stop thinking about the very person she’s meant to be setting her latest client up with… surely it can’t get any worse!

But then Polly bumps into oh-so-handsome Olly, who heads up a rival agency, and realizes that perhaps all really is fair in love and dating war…


If this sounds like your type of book, it’s out now via the links below.

Amazon UK (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Harpercollins UK     

Harpercollins USA

Waterstones UK

As soon as I finish reading I will get a review uploaded.

I’m enjoying it so far, Irecommend that you so check it out if your looking for a fun read to start the new year.


Chanel 🤗

Happy New Year xx


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