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Old Boy Film in 4K in cinemas this August 2019 & Review

Choi Min-Sik as Oh Dae-su with Kang Hye-jung as Mi-do in Old Boy Film

I couldn’t wait to see this film as although i’d never heard of it before, I am a true lover of Korean film and have yet to watch a Korean film that I haven’t liked.

Based on the Japanese manga of the same name, this Korean film, made in 2003, had rave reviews at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival applauded and raved about by Quentin Tarantino who was president of the jury, that year.

This year it re-surfaces in 4K style in UK cinemas from 2nd August and then available for digital download in 4K format from 26th August 2019.

Take a look at the trailer….

OldBoy Film Trailer

If you’ve not yet seen this film and like a good thriller, I recommend adding this film to your summer movie list.

The Story

A business man is kidnapped and imprisoned in a hotel room style cell for 15 years, with no knowledge of who has taken him OR why!

He makes it out alive (not a spoiler) and then is given a wallet full of money, a suit and a mobile phone.

The film follows how he tries to find and get vengeance on his captors whilst finding out the reason for his incarceration, all whilst trying to reconnect with his family and work out who he can trust.

It’s a fast-paced thriller, so be prepared for a very bumpy ride!

My Thoughts

All the actors are very good and Choi Min-Sik really draws you into his character, it’s so hard not to feel for him.

His side-kick Kang Hye-jeong who plays, Mi-Do is such fun and is like a ray of sunshine in this lost man’s life.

Yoo Ji-Tae’s character Lee Woo-Jin, is SO annoying at first, but then you get to know him a bit more and it’s hard not to be sympathetic towards him.

I’m not really fight scene fan, as I do tend to watch a lot of Rom Com’s, but the fight scenes in this film are superbly choreographed, it was like poetry in motion, as they say 😃

Yoo Ji-Tae as Lee Woo-jin in OldBoy Film

Out in UK Cinemas from 2nd August 2019

Available online 4K Digital Download from 26th August 2019

I highly recommend this film, it’s confirmed my love for Korean film and Japanese Manga live action films – such good genres 👍

Hope you enjoy!

Chanel 🤗

Chanel Williams

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