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Book Review & Blog Tour: And Then She Shines by Helen Libby

What a collection of 5 inspirational stories!

I’m always drawn to stories that feature strong women as the protagonist, but these collection of novelettes, feature a more realistic view of being a strong, modern woman in today’s society, so relatable and easily digestible.

To be honest, I don’t really read, short stories, preferring the format of a long-form novel to really get stuck into, the last book of short stories that I tried, bored me, so I was reluctant to try, but the synopsis piqued my interest, and I thought I should at least give it a go.

I’m so glad that I did, as a I was hooked, from page 1! 😀

Here’s the synopsis:

And Then She Shines: A Collection of Novelettes

Five women, five different issues, five ‘feel-good’ reads.

And Then She Shines brings together brings together four previously published novelettes, along with Helen Libby’s new story, Cassie’s Choice.

Ruby’s Secret

Can you keep a secret? All the clothes Ruby’s bought may have filled her wardrobe, but they haven’t helped her to feel fulfilled. She’s been holding back on her dream of travelling for years. And now Ruby’s in debt. A LOT of debt. She’s so ashamed. She doesn’t want anyone to know, not even her boyfriend, David. He’s so careful with money – he wouldn’t understand. Ruby’s trying to change. She wants financial stability AND a good relationship. Will she be able to resolve her debt before David discovers her secret?

Love, Anna

Stay or go? Anna’s a romantic. She loves musical theatre, but her life is a far cry from her favourite shows. When her boyfriend Joe tells her he doesn’t love her anymore, she doesn’t know what to do. Anna just wants to be loved, but Joe suffers from depression, and they’ve both been unhappy for a long time. A last minute trip to Paris gives Anna some time to reflect, and shows her whether life can ever really be like a musical.

Laura’s Embrace

“People who love me leave me.” Laura makes a New Year’s resolution – to find her birth mother. She needs answers. What she doesn’t need is a relationship, so when things start getting serious between her and Rob, she does her best to hold back. Only Rob won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and Laura is torn. Will Laura find her birth mother? And will love find a way?

Finding Ella

He knows everything about her. The only thing she knows about him is that he’s her husband. Can she fall in love with him for a second time? Ella’s lost her memory – the last ten years of her life. Her friends and family want her to slot back into place, only it’s not that easy. Will Ella’s memory return? Does she need to remember her husband in order to love him again? Join Ella on her journey of self-discovery.

Cassie’s Choice

“Something is missing from my life, and I can’t pinpoint what it is. Could it be a baby? Maybe.”

What if you think you want a child, but your partner doesn’t? It’s time for Cassie to make her mind up. Does she want a baby, or not? If she does, is she willing to leave her beloved husband, Alex, in order to start again? Can you miss something you’ve never had? Does Cassie need a baby in order to feel fulfilled? So many questions, and she’s running out of time.

My Thoughts

These stories follow a similar theme, a strong women with a vulnerable side, dealing with very relatable problems of the 21st century – their problems interfere with their relationships and we see the believable struggle they go through to resolve them.

The stories felt quite fast-paced, but not at all rushed and I love that the resolutions to each character’s problems were not unrealistically resolved, leaving the reader in a state of realistic satisfaction of the outcome, along with hope, tips and guidance, should we encounter such issues in our own lives.

There are beautiful similarities to the novelettes, even though they each have their own complete and separate narratives, they are tied together with little mentions of birds and nature – you will see what I mean when you read them – it gives it an almost magical feel.

Definitely a feel good read with empowerment sprinkled throughout.

I’m so glad that Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources introduced me to this collection of novelettes, I will definitely be checking out the author, Helen Libby’s back catalogue!

The Author – Helen Libby

Helen Libby – Author of And Then She Shines

Originally from North Wales, Helen currently lives in Shropshire with her husband and their dog. Helen worked for many years in the public sector and has an administrative background. She writes both fiction and non-fiction. As well as being an indie author, Helen is a self-publishing consultant, offering editorial, self-publishing, and writing services. To find out more, please go to: www.helen-edwards.co.uk

More details about Helen and her books can be found here;

Facebook: www.facebook.com/helibedw

Instagram: @helibedw

Twitter: @helibedw

Grab a copy of And She Shines Book and get stuck in!

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Z3X48RW/

US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z3X48RW/

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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