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Film Review: The Reason I Jump – Out in Cinemas – Friday 18th June 2021

The Reason I Jump Film

When I first heard about this film I was a thought it was a fictional story about a boy with autism, but I am glad to say, that the film shows real footage of those who are living with autism and their loved ones.

The Synopsis

This film is a refreshing look at non-speaking autism, from those who actually live with it daily.

Based on the insight written in a book by 13yr old Naoki Higashida, entitled, The Reason I Jump, this film shows the link between the experiences and theories explained by Naoki in the book, with the real day to day lives of various other young people from all over the world who live with this condition in an attempt to explain why.

Have a look at the trailer…

The Reason I Jump Film Trailer

My Thoughts

What an eye-opener! This film really opens your eyes to what it is like to be living with or caring for someone with this condition.

I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to have so many thoughts and feelings that you can’t express to others and being totally misunderstood!

The Reason I Jump Film

I love the format of this film, we are taken back to the visuals and wording of the book, then into someone’s real world to show us how it manifests itself in daily life, listening to the experiences of the young people and the parents and carers who look after them.

There are some real gems, that are eye-opening, I had no idea that memory timelines were an issue for autistic people in the way that was explained or that the way they perceive the world around them, may be details first, then the realisation of what it is, or what is actually happening.

This film will definitely make you see the way that we need to change the world to make it more inclusive to those who see the world through a different lens.

A must see film, for sure!

Thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

The Reason I Jump Film Poster

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