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La La Land – Out now in UK Cinemas!

At last! This film is finally released in the UK, if you’ve heard lots of hype about this movie – BELIEVE IT!

It is a fantastic musical, the type of Hollywood musical that they don’t make anymore…well…actually they do now 😀

When I heard it was a musical, as a dancer and regular theatre attendee, I thought, “OK, a musical they say, let’s see what they come up with” but I can actually say, hand on heart that I was totally blown away 🙂

Take a look at the trailer here…

The story starts with Mia (Emma Stone), who is an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, auditioning for, what seems like, yet another role. She leaves disheartened and we learn that she has a part-time job in a cafe to make ends meet whilst waiting for her big break.

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a talented pianist, Jazz music is his passion and but most jobs he books do not challenge him or fulfill his creative desires, there are some very funny moments when he rebels against his various bosses in frustration, his dream is to own an authentic Jazz bar.

The story develops and the pair meet, it’s quite an interesting first meeting too (no spoilers here ;)) but with all the dramas, song and dances inbetween, they finally get together.

The dance routine that is performed after they have their first proper talk is so well choreographed that it deserves a standing ovation of it’s own – this is not forgetting the opening dance number on the motorway that is superb, probably one of the best dance on film numbers I have ever witnessed to be honest – Mandy Moore, who choreographed has been amazing. I almost burst into tears when I realised that they were tap dancing admist a contemporary jazz number!

What I love about their relationship is that it is a ‘real’ relationship, which all the ups and downs of real-life and the pressures of life, it starts to take its toll on the couple.

I love how Sebastian keeps pushing Mia to persue her dream, not to give up and encourages her to be more proactive.

The plot twists and turns and don’t be surprised if one minute your on someone’s side and the 10 minutes later you’re on the other one’s side. This film has a way of getting you way too involved in this romance, that the ending will have you wanting to scream at the screen at both of them – I almost did! 😀

It’s very hard not to leave with a tear in your eye.

This movie is the type that stays on your mind for a while later…trust me, you’ll see 😉

For more details on how they made this fantastic modern day musical in a 1930/1940’s style musical – see the video below.

So brighten up your January and get to the cinema now.

Chanel 🙂

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