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Book Blog Tour – A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart

Originally I received this book last September by Little Brown Books who kindly sent me a hardback copy to read and review. I started  reading it but then life got in the way and I lost my flow…but then a couple of months later, I was asked to participate in a book blog tour for this book and I jumped at the chance as I really wanted to finish reading it. If you want to read my preview and book synopsis – click here.


Firstly, this is not my usual choice of genre and I don’t usually choose books with a male protagonist. Actually, my first book with a male protagonist was also introduced to me by the lovely team at Little Brown Books – See Me by Nicholas Sparks 

So, when I was asked to participate in the blog tour, I couldn’t wait!

My adorable 6yr old niece, Mariah, has autism and and also as a dance teacher, I have taught many children over the years with various physical and emotional conditions.

This book is about Alex trying to connect with his son Sam, as well as fix his broken down relationship with his wife, Jody.

The Theme

The main themes dealt with in the book;

  • Relationships (both family and friends)
  • The importance of Communication
  • Grief
  • Human Nature

Keith Stuart has managed to write a heart-warming book, which dips low at times but really has some tear-jerking highs.

How I read it

I read most of this book but listened to about a third of it on audible (amazon’s audiobooks). The audiobook is narrated by Gavin Osborn who really brought Alex to life for me 🙂

Book Structure

This book is split into 42 chapters and the whole story is told from Alex’s point of view.

Each chapter ends on a mini cliff hanger that makes you want to read on…I have a few late nights…such a page turner.


Alex – Main Character & Narrator – I felt like shouting at him most of the time to sort himself out & to listen to Sam more, before he loses everything he loves, but fell in love with him in the end.

Sam – Adorable and funny, loved watching his development & confidence grow throughout the story.

Jody – I felt for her at times, think she was right to give Alex a little kick up the *** to get him to sort himself out.

Dan – Seems like a nice bloke, also a good friend to Alex.

Matt & Clare – Nice normal couple, Clare is Jody’s best friend, Matt is a lovely family man. I liked them both.

Emma – Seems fun, was obviously avoiding something, so happy who she ended up with 🙂

Isobel – Seems like a lovely lady, I was sure she was not want Alex wanted in his heart.

My Final Thoughts

I have learnt so much about autism from this book. I know that I will now put myself into the shoes of anyone that I deem to be “different” in any way, and try to understand their point of view on the world and situations.

My niece is not into Minecraft but she does come alive when she’s singing & dancing or discussing anything to do with Disney’s Frozen, so I kind of understand the part that Minecraft played in opening the communication channels between Sam and Alex.

If we can all be a little more understanding and tolerant of each other, this world would be a much nicer place to live in.

I definitely recommend this book, what an amazing book to start of my 2017 reading year 🙂

Chanel xx

Author: Keith Stuart  – 2015 Copyright – Ashley Bird

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  • 30th January 2017 at 1:25 am

    Hi, I came to your Book Blog Tour – A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart | ItGirl World UK page by searching on Google I will look into this book, it sounds very interseting.

  • 29th January 2017 at 11:30 am

    Do you have a Facebook page? I’d like to follow. Good review BTW, never heard of this author bit I will check him out.