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Review: Assassination Nation Film – Out in the UK Cinemas now!

Wow! What can I say…this film!

I did upload some content on instagram and insta-stories as soon as I saw this film, but I’ve decided to write up a review as it’s probably my favourite film of 2018 for so many reasons.

If you love fun, fierce female characters, well, there are 4 of them in the lead roles.

I didn’t really know what to expect before I saw it and the trailer, in my opinion, doesn’t do it justice -n don’t get me wrong, it’s a great trailer, but this film has so many layers that they could only put so much into the trailer and also, you don’t know the context in which you are watching the scenes.

Take a look…

Bella Thorne also makes an appearance – did you spot her?

Bella Thorne as Reagan in Assassination Nation


My Thoughts

I’m totally in love with Odessa Young who plays Lily, she had me rooting for her and her friends, even though I was totally against her lifestyle at the beginning of the film.

What happens to her and her friends is a reflection of the way that women are viewed and treated in society. It’s hard to go too deep without giving spoilers but rest assured that this film is pretty much non-stop action ang gets darker and darker as the film progresses.

The script is great, with some real questions asked that were food for thought afterwards, such as, people say they love you for yourself, but they don’t know all sides of you, could they love all sides of you?

The themes covered in this film are female sexuality, male ego, mob mentality, shame, adultery, and more.

These girls inspired me so much, that when I was offered one of the iconic red coats to take some photos to promote the film, I jumped for joy!

Here are some of my re-created photos;



Do you think I caught the essence of the girls in the film?

Make sure you catch this film in the cinema if you like a fast pace thriller with a deep message!

Thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams


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