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Review: The Stylist – Out 1st March 2021 on Arrow & Amazon Prime Video

So, I promised you in my preview post a review of horror film, The Stylist, well, here it is!

Horror is not my usual genre, I’m not really into “blood and guts” type horror films, but I couldn’t resist the intrigue of why an attractive, normal looking hair stylist would be a serial killer and especially the manner in which she commits her crimes.

This film definitely wasn’t what I expected, but I’ll tell you more in a bit, but first, have a look at the trailer again…

The Stylist Film Trailer

My Thoughts

This film was deeper than I expected, it showed Claire (Najarra Townsend) as a lonely, socially-awkward woman, who lived in her own world, she seemed pretty isolated, even working as a team as as hair stylist in a salon we never see any real interaction between herself and her colleagues, but she’s amazing with her clients, she’s polite, professional and courteous.

Brea Grant as Olivia & Najarra Townsend as Claire in The Stylist Film

But this genuine interest in her clients seem to stem for a need to collect quotes & information that she can use in what I can only describe as a twisted, crazy game that she plays after the kill.

Claire (Najarra Townsend) in The Stylist Film

The crazy thing is, that I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, she was obviously very lonely and even though she kept herself to herself and appeared quite stand-offish, she craved friendship and love, like the rest of us and she was truly happy when Olivia invited her to her house to see the wedding dress and hair style together.

Claire (Najarra Townsend) in The Stylist Film

It’s obvious that she didn’t want to do the evil things that she was doing but it seemed to be a coping mechanism, like an addiction, as much as she tried to stop she just couldn’t stop herself.

Thankfully, there wasn’t as much “blood & guts” as I thought there would be, but I did have to look away a few times as she tore scalps from the head – urgh!

Otherwise, it was just a mind-blowing ride of thinking all the way through ‘What on earth is she going to do next?’ and I was willing her to give it all up, make friends and be happy.

Which to me is quite extraordinary, I should be hating her – wishing she’d get caught, but all I could do is feel sorry for her – her victims too, of course, but you really get the sense that this is not her fault….

Najarra Townsend who plays Claire is a brilliant actress, she managed to tell a lot of the story and show her character’s angst without many words at all.

The Stylist Film

I wish we learnt more about her background, it seems like she had no real family to speak of and no friends, like I said, previously, she didn’t interact with her fellow colleagues either, and when shown friendship, she was flattered, but socially-awkward.

The film reminds us that noone is born ‘bad’, but life circumstances & experiences can make someone behave in truly evil ways.

The end of the film was just truly amazing, I was so NOT expecting it, I actually didn’t want the film to end.

Definitely worth watching!


Chanel x

Chanel Williams

Claire (Najarra Townsend) in The Stylist Film
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