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Review: Foster Boy Film – Out 1st March 2021 on Digital Download

As you already know, if you read my preview post this film is based on true events.

We all know that you can read a synopsis of a film and watch a trailer to get the general “feel” of what its about, but some films don’t really “hit you” until you’re actually watching it – this is one of those films.

Superbly acted by both Shane Paul McGhie as Jamal (James) Randolph and Matthew Modine as his lawyer Michael Trainer the film starts with the reluctance of both Jamal and Michael about being matched as client & lawyer under a pro-bono arrangement.

Take a look at the updated trailer again to get a “feel” for the storyline…

Foster Boy Film Trailer

My thoughts

When James, known as Jamal, needs legal representation for his trial against the foster care system in Chicago, the Judge George Taylor, sees this as an opportunity for top attorney, Michael Trainer to give back to the legal profession that has treated him so well, to say that Michael and Jamal were unimpressed is an understatement!

Shane Paul McGhie as Jamal (James) Randolph in Foster Boy

It’s so lovely to watch as the pair get to know each other, their relationship develops into a brilliant partnership and friendship – testiment to the 2 actors that portray it so well.

that needs both of them to fully committed

Jamal has been subject to the neglect and abuse of a foster care system in which he was abused physically & mentally over many years of his childhood.

It is unbelievable, in with the amount of obstacles that are thrown in their way as they try to reveal the truth.

I fell in love with Judge George Taylor immediately and found Michael to be the ultimate snob, but in his defence, Jamal had an attitude, but that was obviously his lack of trust, manifesting, due to everything he had already been through in his young life.

It’s a very moving story that brought several tears to my eyes, especially considering that it is based on true events.

The pacing of this film is good, the main characters are well-rounded and you get a real insight into where each one is coming from.

The themes highlighted in this film include, physical violence, sexual abuse and rape, child protection issues and neglect – It’s quite hard hitting.

Shaquille O’Neal has presented a film that deservedly has won so many awards and is an eye-opening education to the system in the USA that desperately needs fixing – it needs all the exposure it can get and I feel honoured to play my part.

May it win many more awards!

Watch it from Monday 1st March!

Certificate: 15

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Also available on Sky, Amazon Prime, Talk Talk, Virgin Media and more.

Thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

Shane Paul McGhie in Foster Boy Film
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