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Review: Last Call Film – Out on Digital Download from 29th March 2021

Last Call Film Poster

I liked to look of the trailer to this film, so I requested to review it. It reminded me of the Reese Wetherspoon’s film, “Sweet Home Alabama” but the male version.

The Synopsis

The film follows Mick (Jeremy Piven), a successful property developer who is returning to his home to in Philadelphia, after 12 years to attend his Mother’s funeral. As he reconnects with his family, friends and neighbours with whom he grew up, he is torn between the wishes of his boss and the wishes of his neighbourhood.

Take a look at the trailer for yourself…

Last Call Film Trailer

My Thoughts

To be honest, my first impression of Mick was not good, he seemed quite ‘stuck up’ like he was somehow better than everyone else that he left behind in this small town.

Yes, of course he may have more money, better clothes and a healthier lifestyle, coupled with ambition, he felt he was the picture of success and in some ways he was, but he seemed to have forgotten the importance of true friendship and real family ties, that’s when I felt sorry for him, instead.

Jeremy Piven as Mick in Last Call Film

I fell in love with his Dad, Laurence, played by Jack McGee, he is fiercely independent and takes no BS from Mick, tells him like it is, whether he wants to hear the truth or not and Mick, rightly has a lot of respect for him and his opinion.

Jack McGee plays Laurence in Last Call Film

The only other person that Mick seems to respect is Ali, (Taryn Manning), his childhood sweetheart, who is obviously still shining a torch for Mick, but their differing opinions on important matters may break their friendship for good.

(right) Taryn Manning as Ali in Last Call Film

This film is an entertaining ride of male bonding, family loyalty and friendship, the story develops well ad the acting throughout is good with believable characters, my only criticism would be that the ending wraps up too quickly, and dare I say it, too easily, for my liking.

Other than that, it’s a great film to kick back and relax and enjoy the ride!

Last Call Film is out from 29th March on iTunes, Amazon, Google & Microsoft

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

Last Call Film
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