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Review: Nemesis Film – Out on DVD & Digital Download – 29th March 2021

Nemesis Film Poster

After Billy Murray appeared in Eastenders (a British TV Soap -for those who are not familiar) as gangster, Johnny Allen, I have been a fan – so seeing him in another gangster role was an appealing concept.

The Synopsis

A top gangster, John Morgan (Billy Murray) has his past catch up with him, as he arrives back in his hometown, London, with his wife, Sadie Morgan (Janine Marissa Sothcott) and as he catches up with family and old acquaintances, it ends in revenge and betrayal.

Take a look at the trailer…

Nemesis Film Trailer

My Thoughts

If you love a typical London gangster film – then you’ll love this! I suppose it’s not my typical genre for reviewing, but I found it to be a bit too stereotypical, especially the script, but I know that I’m not necessarily the target audience.

Also, note the language has a lot of swearing, so much that it seemed unnecessary at some points, but I suppose some people do speak like this, just not what I’m used to – but, hey, who am I to judge? Constant bad language is not really my cup of tea – so…

Billy Murray as John Morgan & Janine Nerissa Sothcott in Nemesis Film © Shogun Films

I found the storyline really good, I really liked the concept and was rooting for John for most of the film, the execution seemed a bit rushed at times and I wish we had more time to learn more about the background of some of the characters, especially Frank Conway (Nick Moran) but this may have been intentional due to the unfolding of events.

Nick Moran as Frank Conway in Nemesis Film © Shogun Films

The film touches of themes such as loyalty, family and respect.

It’s an action -packed film from the start and the story gets even better as it goes on.

Definitely worth a watch if this genre appeals to you!

Have a listen to Talia Dean who sings the title track to the film – it’s really good!

Nemesis Film Theme Song by Talia Dean

About Talia Dean

Talia Dean – Singer
Talia is a South West London born singer/songwriter. She is a wordsmith and a great storyteller. She is able to reach deep into any emotion and put it into words. Talia has an expressive and powerful bluesy, soulful voice. She reached Number 1 in the iTunes blues charts this February with her latest single “The Devil I Know”. Talia and her band were born in the April lockdown. “The Pandemic hasn’t stopped me” she said, “it’s only made me more determined”. Talia and her band “Kings Daughters” release their first single “Get Up” in April 2020. The song was reached number 12 in the UK charts. Endorsed by the rock legend Brian May after hearing one of her demos, he has since mentored her and collaborated on a few of her tracks. 


Chanel x

Chanel Williams

Billy Murray as John Morgan in Nemesis Film © Shogun Films

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