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Happy World Stationery Day! – Wednesday 21st April 2021

Happy Stationery Day 2021!

If like me, you love stationery, then, SMILE as this is your special day today!

As a child, August was my favourite time of year, as it meant my mum would be getting all our school uniform and equipment ready for the September start.

Alongside the new school shoes etc… my main concern would be my school pencil case and stationery – who doesn’t to get a love of a fresh stationery haul?

As an adult, I’m very much the same, but with 2 major changes;

  1. I don’t have school – so stationery buying is a year-around activity
  2. I have my own money – so don’t have to demonstrate some self-control on the year-around stationery buying!

So, I have compiled a list of my new favourite stationery items, as if I did them all, it would be way too long!


The Positive Planner

As a productivity nerd, it would be hard to start my list without a planner, journal or diary, but after the year we’ve all had, we could do with a little more self-care.

So let me introduce you to The Positive Planner – which is more than just a planner for staying organised, but also has sections to keep us motivated, sane and in touch with our feelings.

The Positive Planner Goal Setting & Motivation Pages
The Positive Planner – To-Do, Self Care & Gratitude Spaces

This planner is so good for organising the various parts of your life whilst staying on top of your emotions and self-care intentions.

Above (pictured) is the planner, but there is a range of comprising of a Gratitude Journal and Bullet Journal and more resources.

They even put on events and the company are great at making products that assist in looking after our mental health and wellbeing.

I hope to be reviewing one very soon, but in the meantime, you can check out their full range on their website.

The Positive Planner Website

Rare Birds Book Club – Be The Heroine Notebook – £9

Rare Birds Book Club Notebook

This pretty notebook by the Rare Birds Book Club, has been launched just in time for Stationery Week! Made from recycled materials in the UK and has 150 blank pages.

There’s also an amazing Rare Birds Book bundle – Write Your Story Bookset from NOT ON THE HIGH STREET.COM which is offering 2 x Books + A Writers Journal for a great price.

Rare Birds Book Club – Write Your Story Bundle
Rare Birds Book Club – Write Your Story Bundle

Grab your Be The Heroine Notebook -Here

Grab your Write Your Story Bundle – Here

The Rare Birds Book Club is a unique book club championing female authors

Rare Birds Books and Be The Heroine Notebook

Monthly membership includes;

  • 2 x Book Blurbs – no title revealed – you choose the most appealing one to you.
  • Wait for the post to receive your chosen book
  • Read and discuss in the online exclusive book club
  • Regular member perks, prizes and author events

What a fantastic way to experience new female authors and make book-friends from across the world.

Find out more about about the Rare Birds Book Club – Here

The Seed Card Company

The Seed Card Company Note Card Sets – Wild Wilderness

This company creates absolutely gorgeous stationery from post-consumer waste paper embedded with wildflower seeds – which makes it eco, biodegradable, recyclable and plantable too! How amazing is that?

I’ve never heard of any paper embedded with seeds, have you?

From note card sets to wedding invitations, this company has all your eco-friendly stationery needs in very pretty designs.

The Seed Card Company – Thank You Card-Tropical Design
The Seed Card Company Thank You Card-Mind Your Manners Design

And if their ethos wasn’t amazing enough – for every card bought Ecologi plant a tree in Madagascar too – well cause well worth supporting – so you have another excuse to buy more stationery! 😉

Visit The Seed Card Company Website – Here

Thanks for checking out my new exciting stationery finds – let me know which one is your favourite and if you know any other companies I should check out.

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

Happy Stationery Day 2021

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