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Film Review: Pebble and The Boy – In UK Cinemas from – Friday 27th August 2021

John (Patrick McNamee) in The Pebble and the Boy Film

As soon as I saw (and heard) the trailer for this film I had a feeling it would be an emotional road trip kind of film, what I didn’t expect was the strong emotional context behind the journey that really punctuated every decision that the main character, John, played by Patrick McNamee made.

Also the exciting discoveries that John made about his father, Phil, and the exciting characters that we meet along the way.

The Synopsis

After his Dad’s death, John decides to scatter his ashes at Brighton Beach, the spiritual home of the Mods, but John lives in Manchester, so it means a long ride ahead.

Have a look at the trailer…

The Pebble and the Boy Film Trailer

My Thoughts

Once a Mod…always a Mod.

The Pebble and The Boy Film. 2021

Written and Directed by Chis Green (Me, Myself and Di), this film is brilliantly acted, scripted and directed, with some amazing cinematography, some of the scenes are breathtakingly beautiful.

The acting talent is lead by Patrick McNamee who plays John, he also starred in Our Girl, he portrays a real teenager who is grieving his father, as well as dealing with day to day teenage boy problems.

John (Patrick McNamee) in The Pebble and the Boy Film

There are many well-known British TV actors in this film from Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Waterloo Road, this star studded cast includes Patsy Kensit and Jesse Birdsall.

Patrick McNamee as John and Patsy Kensit as Sonia in The Pebble and the Boy Film

My favourite character by far, was Nikki (Nicola) played brilliantly by Sacha Parkinson, she has a feisty and wild exterior but a heart of gold, really.

Sascha Parkinson as Nicola in The Pebble and The Boy Film

The film touches on the culture of the Mods including the love for their bikes and their rivals the Rockers, the soundtrack also reflects the era and culture of the Mods and is actually really good, not my usual jam, but there are some definite tunes in this film!

There are some real comical moments but there are a couple of darker moments too, and of course the expected emotional scenes.

It shows that our love and bonds to our loved ones last long after we part this world.

Overall, this is a really good film. Very much worth a watch.

Sascha Parkinson as Nicola and Patrick McNamee as John in The Pebble and the Boy Film

Thanks for reading & happy viewing!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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