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Film Review: The Last Bus – Out in UK Cinemas – Friday 27th August 2021

Timothy Spall as Tom Harper in The Last Bus Film

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this film, after watching the trailer, I was expecting a sweet story about an old man and his wife, but this film is so much more than that.

It’s a modern, realistic tale of a man who is on a mission to do one more lovely thing for his wife while he still has the strength, even if it literally kills him whilst trying!

The Synopsis

90yr old Tom (Timothy Spall) is on a journey across the UK from the north of Scotland to his hometown, Lands End, the very south of England, and all via the local bus services – what a feat!

This is to fulfil his final promise to his beloved wife, Mary ( Phyllis Logan).

We follow Tom on this eventful journey, meeting with him, all the colourful characters along the way as well as learning more about Tom and Mary and why he is compelled to do what he is doing.

Take a look at the trailer…

The Last Bus Film Trailer

My Thoughts

This is a heart-warming film, Timothy Spall really brings Tom Harper to life and as the film develops you get to really know him, he’s so loveable.

I loved the flashbacks shown of a younger Tom and Mary in their early years of being together, it brings more context to the current situation and answers quite a few questions that the viewer may have.

Timothy Spall as Tom Harper & Phyllis Logan as Mary in The Last Bus Film

The variety of characters Tom meets along the way are a good mix of all ages, reflecting a multi-cultural Britain, that he has never experienced, some are so friendly and helpful and some are quite unsavoury, we also get a little glimpse into some of the lives of these strangers too, but Tom never abandons his quest, regardless of the obstacles in front of him.

Clip of Tom (Timothy Spall) and Mary (Phyllis Logan) in The Last Bus Film


The film goes along at a lovely pace and is very feel-good, it shows the power of the human spirit, the things that are important to us in the end and that there are always people willing to help, even strangers – we are not alone.

If you say don’t have tears towards the end of this film, I actually won’t believe you!

Timothy Spall as Tom Harper in The Last Bus Film

The Last Bus Film is out in UK Cinemas from Friday 27th August 2021

Thanks for reading & enjoy the film!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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