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Film Review: The Djinn – Out in UK Cinemas – Friday 17th September 2021

Ezra Dewey as Dylan Jacobs

The title of this film interested me, as it sounded like a supernatural spiritual type of entity, then I watched the trailer and it made me want to see the film (as any good trailer should do, I suppose) but this trailer sets the scene perfectly with no spoilers.


The film is about a 12 year old mute boy, Dylan, played by Ezra Dewey who lives with his Dad, Michael, played by Rob Brownstein.

On moving into a new apartment, Dylan discovers a Book of Shadows Spell Book and finds a spell that promises to “…give him his hearts desire“.

But it does have a warning, that every gift has a toll.

Dylan is now trapped in his new apartment and having to survive an evil Djinn in order to receive his wish.

Have a look at the trailer for yourself…

The Djinn Film Trailer 2021

My Thoughts

Firstly I must say, that Ezra Dewey’s acting skills blew me away as Dylan, he’s such a superb young actor that can portray many emotions without words.

Ezra Dewey as Dylan in The Djinn Film 2021

I loved the relationship between Dylan and his Dad, it was such an adorable watch, we find out later where Dylan’s mum is.

Rob Brownstein as Michael in The Djinn Film 2021

The directing by David Charbonier and Justin Powell is just brilliant and there is so much suspense in this film which the sounds and musical score enhances so well.

Dylan is such a clever boy and does some smart tricks, you find yourself shouting at him to do stuff, but he’s not frustrating to watch like some victims in typical horror movies, which is quite refreshing, you really empathise with him and his survival instincts really keep him going, but for how long?… The Djinn has no intention of giving up on collecting his soul and he is home alone, with no help and has no voice!

Ezra Dewey as Dylan in The Djinn Film 2021

A quote in the film resonates very strongly to the message of the film…

When we start thinking about the things that are missing, we forget about the things we already have…

Michael Jacobs – The djinn film 2021

This is a fantastic quote for life and with this in mind.

I recommend you watch this film, but not alone in the dark, unless you want to be super scared!


Chanel x

Chanel Williams

Ezra Dewey as Dylan in The Djinn Film 2021
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