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Review: I’m not in Love Film – Out Monday 12th April 2021 on Digital Download – Rent or Buy

Marta (Cristina Catalina) and Rob (Al Weaver) in I’m Not In Love Film

As soon as I saw the trailer to this film, I knew I was going to like it, the sense of humour is so typically British and the characters are so relatable.

It’s a refreshing change to watch a film from a man’s perspective that dives deep down into his relationship issues and fear of commitment – even though the “fear of commitment” part has been touched on many times in films and TV shows, there’s a lot more depth presented in this film, as to why and the questions that we all ask ourselves before deciding on whether a relationship is worth considering long-term.

The Synopsis

Rob, (Al Weaver) who is in his late thirties, is trying to decide whether he wants to settle down with his long-term girlfriend, Marta, (Cristina Catalina) and start a family, as he feels that he’s no longer in love with her, but merely, comfortable.

He asks both his married and single friends for advice, but they all seem unhappy in their own way – who should he listen to?

Take a look at the trailer…

I’m Not In Love Film Trailer

My Thoughts

This film is a laugh out loud comedy, it’s just absolutely hilarious!

Brilliantly directed and co-written by Col Spector, alongside writer, Radha Chakraborty the script is amazing and the cast really bring it to life.

Some of the best scenes are with Rob and his Mum, Mary (Tessa Peake-Jones), the dynamic of this Mother/Son duo is fantastic.

Mary (Rob’s Mum) played by Tessa Peake-Jones and Rob played by Al Weaver

All the actors in his film are great, but Rob and Mary’s chemistry on screen really stands out.

Marta confides in her best friend, Lena (Sinead Matthews) for advice on her relationship with Rob, she is alone in the country and missing her family and doesn’t know whether to stay if there is no future in their relationship, but she loves him and also, she feels the pressure of her biological clock ticking.

Rob (Al Weaver) and Marta (Cristina Catalina) in I’m Not In Love Film

The film shows how Rob’s early years may have affected his view on relationships in his adult life and has a very hard time processing his own feelings whilst trying to “do the right thing” but will Marta wait for Rob to figure his feelings out?

Definitely worth watching if you want a good laugh and some depth.

Film rating: 15

Platforms: Amazon, Apple / iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Virgin Media & Sky Store


Thanks for reading.

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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